The Anxiety Answer

How I finally found peace of mind

Hi. My name is Ralph. I'm 62 years old. 

I'm married and I have two grown kids.

I’m a medical doctor and health researcher.

I want to talk about something that so many of us are afraid to discuss...

It's anxiety.  

You know many of us are too embarrassed to admit that we have it.

If makes us feel weak, like we're cowards or not strong enough to deal with life.

But it's the one health condition that everyone, from age 8 to 88, can say they've experienced at least once.

Luckily I've found a solution, and I want to share it with you today.

I want to ask you a question first...

What gives you anxiety?
Dr. Ralph La Guardia, MD
  • Medical Doctor specializing in Geriatrics
  • Natural Healing Expert
  •  Health Researcher

There are so many things that can give us that tight chest, the pounding heart, the shallow breath.

The ringing phone that makes us cringe ‘Oh boy, not this again’

The customer service person who’s just making us angrier ...

A knock at the door that makes us think ‘Who the hell is that?’

A demanding boss who’s never satisfied ...

A sick family member who’s future is uncertain ...

The doctor’s appointment that’s coming up where there could be bad news ...

That life-changing decision that we just keep putting off

We may not notice it, but it all adds up to make us 
stressed out, exhausted, and angry...

You know, almost everyone feels this way at some point.

And I bet you do too sometimes.

And I just want you to know, I know how you feel.

In fact, about 284 million people report feeling anxious and stressed out on a regular basis.

Three quarters of adults say they get stressed out regularly.

That's why I say it's the #1 health problem in the world – that we NEVER talk about.  

It's panic. It's fear, it's anxiousness, nervousness.

It's anxiety, and I bet you can relate...

It manifests itself in a million ways. 

It affects our sleep. 

It affects our job. 

Our relationships.

But we just don’t talk about it.

Well, its time to start talking about it, because...'s no wonder we feel like this!

The world just moves at lightning speed now...
...with media and technology and transportation.

Everything is designed to move as fast as possible...

...and if you can't move that fast you're just going to get run over.

That’s why Big Pharma sells 25 billion dollars worth of psychotropic drugs, and a few years ago it was just two billion dollars.  

1 in 6 Americans are taking them!

60 million people are in therapy for anxiety and related problems.

 We're in the midst of a collective panic attack...

And of course this fear and nervousness leads to all kinds of other problems. 

Over eating.

Under eating. 

Poor sleep. 

 Drinking problems. 

 Drug problems.

Even suicidal thoughts.

Is it any wonder that the suicide rate is climbing in this country for the first time in 30 years?

If you’ve ever felt any of these symptoms, 
I know how it is...

I know how you feel and I know you feel shame for it too. 

You feel like a coward, or like you don’t belong.

You feel like you're not good enough for some people, you can't live up to their expectations.  

You're letting people down.

Or you feel angry and upset nearly all the time.

I know how that feels and I know now that there's a solution.

There's a way you can feel better!

There's a way you can feel confident and calm and happy. 

It can be done.

I've got a solution now and I know how good it feels and honestly, it has completely changed my life.

Because now I'm not afraid to go to big noisy, gatherings of a lot of people. 

I'm not afraid of traveling, getting on an airplane and being crammed into a tiny seat.

 I happily ignore all the nonsense on social media because I know it’s a waste of my time and energy.

I'm not afraid of talking to strangers and small talk. 

I'm not afraid of completely new experiences that I know nothing about. 

I don’t worry about money, the economy and my family nearly as much as I used to. 

My sense of adventure is back, my sense of fun is back and it's all thanks to just one little method that changed everything for me. 

To put it simply: I have peace of mind.

And I want to tell you about it today and I want you to consider it seriously ...

…because if you're like me, this thing that we've been dealing with, this collective panic attack, has almost ruined our lives.

Please don't feel bad about these feelings you're having because...'s not your fault you're so anxious! 

I mean, we're wired to be this way.

The reason human beings have survived this long is because we've evolved to have this reaction to stressful situations.

When we experience stress, and fear, and doubt, stress hormones invade our brain and it makes us more alert.

They make us hyper. 

They increase our heart rate so that we can react faster.

That's actually helped us survive life or death situations for eons.

But in the modern world, we don’t have these life or death situations much anymore.

But we do have this stimulus that's making those responses happen on a day-to-day and hour-to-hour basis.

It's the noise. 

It's electronics.

It's the information we're receiving, the news we’re watching.

It's our relationships. 

It's our families.

It's probably our food, our environment, and the city that we live in.

All these things are creating these responses in our brains and...  

...dumping those stress hormones into our bodies. 

And more and more we're feeling at least a low level of stress and anxiousness all day, every day. 

Worst of all it affects how we sleep. 

I mean, how many times have you not been able to get to sleep because your mind is just spinning? 
It's just going over and over the same old things. 

Or maybe you're waking up in the middle of night and worrying about money...
or worrying about your commute the next morning, or your job, or your family, your kids, the economy, whatever it is. 

This creates these vicious cycles. 

It starts with you getting out of bed exhausted because you haven't slept. 

So you take some caffeine, and the caffeine makes you edgy, and you're edgy anyway because you're exhausted. 

Everything affects you more. 

Then, you go back to bed the next night, and you just start the whole process all over again. 

And this anxiousness and exhaustion prevents us from being in social situations right? 

It makes us want to just stay in the house, and close the curtains, and turn on the TV. 

Then that makes us depressed because we're missing out on life, right? 

Then, when our anxiety really takes hold of us, 
we develop a fear of the fear. 

We develop anxiety about anxiety. 

That is when we really start to spiral. 

Maybe you've felt that way in the past, a fear of the fear.  

But, there is a way out. 

There is hope!

It's this stuff that was banned up until last year...
...and we're just now discovering how powerful it is for all of these systems in our body. 

We're finally seeing a way through this madness to where we can be calm, happy, and enjoy life again. 

I’m going to tell you what it is in just a moment…

One of the reasons I'm so excited about it is because it's been scientifically proven to work on this feeling of anxiousness. 

And it’s working in some really extreme situations...

As you know many war veterans are coming back to a life of misery. 

And if you think your life is hard, think about a veteran who comes back from overseas and relives the horror of war every day, multiple times a day. 

But, this method is working for them. 

In a clinical setting, it's been shown to help them deal with their nigthmares... be calmer, to silence their demons, and to let them be functional in society again. 

One study showed that 91% of the participants experienced fewer symptoms like nightmares and replaying horrific memories after taking this. (1) 

These war veterans have hope again!

In fact, I want you to read a story that I've gotten recently from a client:
 Advanced issues found
 Advanced issue found

I served two tours in Iraq, and I was really struggling after I came home...

I couldn’t sleep because of nightmares and I couldn’t work because of I was so edgy and angry. This really helps with moods and anxiety. I didn’t expect that. But it does.  

It is DEFINITELY not placebo and it definitely has a seriously positive effect. I can finally breath easy, I know how to relieve my anxious moods in minutes.   

I’m back to work and I can sleep soundly nearly every night. Thank you.

Dave, Retired SFC US Army

There's another study that shows just 
how powerful this method is. 

It was done a few years ago. 

It's a double blind placebo-based study, which is the most powerful kind of study.
What they did is they told a group of students who were already high strung ...

...that they were going to have to give a speech in front of their class. 

As you know, fear of public speaking actually ranks higher than death on the scale of ultimate fears for many people. 

And so, this obviously induced a lot of anxiety with these students. 

But the group of students who used this method reported at least 53% lower anxiety levels. 
They had less cognitive impairment, so they were thinking better, and they reported being more comfortable giving their speech. 

Plus they were actually more focused during their speech, and they were less likely to downgrade their own performance. 

And the audience rated the students who used this method much higher. 

Basically this method allowed the subjects to speak in public...

...with confidence and without the fear and anxiousness that almost everyone experiences. (2)

We've all been in that situation...  

...when we had to give some kind of speech...

It may have been, at your friend's wedding...

...or maybe somebody asked you to say something in front of your church, or maybe you were just giving a toast. 

And all of a sudden you realize everybody's looking at you...

Everybody's staring at you...

and they're expecting you to say something smart, and funny...
and not stammer, and suddenly your heart's beating, and you're sweating, and you can't seem to get the words out. 

We've all been there and most of us avoid public speaking like the plague for this reason.

If it can help in that situation...

What do you think it can do for you
in other situations? 

One of the worst situations for me was when I was traveling.

I just hate crowded airports, crowded airplanes, and crowded hotels.

The whole process of checking bags, getting through security, rushing to make a plane...

It just stresses me out.

But I want to see the world, see my friends, and experience new things!

Every time I traveled though, I found myself more and more just wanted to avoid all the stress, fear, and uncertainty of travel and stay home. 

I know I can say goodbye to those 
feelings within minutes... 

I just take a few drops of this incredible formula I'm about to tell you about, and those fears just melt away.

They are gone, and a calmness, a happiness takes over.

It is so powerful to know that I can do that at any time.

I don't fear fear anymore.

I don't have anxiousness about my anxiousness anymore.

I don't spiral anymore because...

I know I have a solution and now you can have that, too.

Now I know what you're thinking...

You're saying, "Let's cut to the chase here. What are we talking about?"

What I'm talking about is called CBD.

Now, you've probably heard about CBD, and you've probably heard some good thing...
...maybe some bad things, and most of all...

It's just kind of a mystery.

What is this stuff?

It specifically comes from the hemp plant...

Not the plant that produces the big buds that people smoke and get high on.

CBD comes from the leaves, the stems, the seeds of hemp plants, and it doesn't impair your ability to drive or work.

But it does have the ability to calm you down and give you peace.

They've found that CBD actually has a 
profound effect on brain waves. 

It increases the alpha waves...

Which increase creativity and decrease negativity.

It also increases theta waves, which control your deep thinking.

If you’ve ever lost yourself in thought and time just disappears, you were in theta mode.(3)

This is what I like to call the ‘flow’ state when you can just happily apply yourself to your work without distraction and not worry about time.

A calm mind is a happy, productive mind, and 
CBD can help you get there...

CBD acts on all these receptors called CB1 and CB2 throughout the body.

CBD stimulates those to bring balance back to the body.

So it can slow down stress hormone production and improve brain wave function.

 CBD stands for cannabidiol and our body produces its own cannabinoids.

There's actually cannabinoids in breast milk, and CBD is identical to some of the cannabinoids that your body produces.

But the body's ability to produce these cannabinoids slows down as we age.

Our ability to really do anything degrades as we age right?

If we supplement these cannabinoids, our body automatically responds to them because it's a natural substance...

...we can feel the natural affect of cannabinoids with CBD.

Based on this we know your body actually needs CBD... 

It's like a vitamin deficiency. 

That's why we have to take more supplements as we get older.

Our body just can't produce the same things that it could when it was young, and cannabinoids are no different.

CBD has this amazing evening-out effect, and it really just calms us.

That's why a lot of people report that it helps them sleep because...

It reduces the anxiousness and calms these violent brain waves that keep us awake. 

That's why it's so powerful...

That's what's really changed everything for me.
When I found out that CBD could do this, and bring peace back to my life...
I decided that I needed to help more people feel this way too.

This feeling that we're all experiencing, this anxiousness, the stress it's affecting everything we do.
I decided I wanted to help people find their calmness and their happiness again.

So I dug into it and...

 I dedicated several years of my life to researching it...  

I even got several certifications on how to make CBD safely and effectively.

A few years back I started working with my friends Kriss and Chaz from Prosper CBD to create exclusive formulas for my clients. 

I tests our products in my Connecticut clinic, and that helps us formulate effective, powerful CBD products. 

Now we're releasing this product so that you can find your peace, you can find your calmness again. 

And I’d like to offer you peace of mind today with our... 

1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Formula

With it I think you'll find that you don't 
have the fear of fear anymore...

You’ll know that in any situation, if you have your CBD with you, you can overcome panic.

Now when I’m in a hyper stress situation like traveling, public speaking, or just really stressed out, I know a few drops of this will completely restore my mental peace.

And I don’t worry about hardly anything anymore.

Now my favorite saying is ‘So what?’  

So what if the bad thing happens that I keep thinking about?

I’ll deal with it IF and WHEN it happens…

A lot of my clients find that they don't dread the phone ringing anymore.

 They don't dread a knock on the door.

They enjoy going out and seeing their friends again, experiencing new things.

They enjoy traveling and new adventures and trying things that they'd never tried.

They don't have that fear that's held them back for years, and for some of them, decades.

They're able to enjoy themselves in situations that before they would have completely avoided.

When my clients get in a stressful situation they take some of our CBD, and in a matter of seconds the calmness sets in.

One client described it like this:

"I feel like I just had a massage after taking your CBD." 

If you've ever had a massage or if you've ever meditated ...

...or if you've ever just sat in a really comfortable chair and listened to some relaxing music...
You know that feeling where you're awake and alert...

But you just feel, "Ahhhhh," you feel good.

There's a calmness to your mind.

Your only thoughts are about what's going on right now, and...

You can worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

That's an incredibly freeing experience!

It's really a superpower when you can master that, when you can live in the now and deal with what's going on now.

That's what the yogis and the meditation masters seek.

That's what my clients often report feeling with our CBD.

That's what I want to offer you today, the calmness, the happiness, peace of mind.

Now nothing is going to stop you from feeling stressed and agitated at times.

Your body is naturally wired that way, and frankly you need this response for when you run into a truly dangerous situation.

But this can be near-instant relief when those moments happen and you actually need to be calm.

Once you cross this divide that...

"I can handle anything because I have this tool 
to help me control my anxious feelings"

You'll realize that a lot of these things that used to cause fear...

...are actually really exciting!

And you'll  realize that these challenges that you hated facing before...

...can actually lead to a lot of growth and a lot of opportunity if you look at them right.  

You'll be the lion on the Serengeti: 
calm, collected, but ready to pounce

That's a super power I want to offer you today...

 and that's what CBD has done for me and my clients.

I want to introduce you to Vicki, whose life has been changed by this:

Kriss, I’m writing this to you with tears of joy in my eyes...

I've been using Prosper CBD oil for 3 weeks and I've noticed an incredible decrease in anxiety and an increased sense of well-being.

I can’t believe it was this easy.   I wish this had been around during my divorce and my life changes, because now I know – I can handle ANYTHING that comes my way. 

- Vicki

Why just rest in peace when you can LIVE in peace?

Look, it's a cliche, but life is for the living... right?  

And if you were like me before I found this, you were living this sort of half-life.

Where you went to work, and you came home, and you holed up in front of the TV, and you pretended like this is what you wanted.

You pretended that this was your dream.

When in fact, if you look back when you were young...

you wanted to travel...

you wanted experience everything...

you wanted to meet people...

you want to have an impact on your community.

And the fact of the matter is over the last few years...

You've had to pull back from your dreams...

You've had to hide. 

You've had these fears, this nervousness, God awful panic at times. 

This kept you from living the way you wanted to live.

This is a way out from the crushing weight of anxiety...

And this is the way that you can take control of your feelings again.

You're still going to have some feelings that are not good, and that you wish would go away.

But you're going to be able to take control of those with just a few drops of this CBD formula.

Now you can give a toast at your kids wedding, or lead a prayer in front of your church.

And you'll know that anytime you're going to get into one of those situations, you know you can address the anxiety.

You can calm yourself down with this!

Our CBD is full-spectrum, which has all the cannabinoids that can help you get peace of mind.

And it’s made from organically-grown, Colorado hemp.

And every bottle has 1000mg, which means each dropper has a powerful 30mg dose of CBD.
There’s a light mint flavor that you’ll barely notice.

And we’ve priced it so that any one can get relief.

So now you need to do one more thing, okay? 

I'm sure you're feeling a little bit anxious right now. 

You don't know whether to trust me.

You don't know who I am.

You just met me a few minutes ago.

But if you're going to get through this...

You're going to change how you approach your life...
and you're going to feel better...

and find that happiness again,

you've got to do one more step and you've got to try this CBD formula.

So the next step is to click the button below.
After you do that you’ll be taken to the secure checkout page. 
You’ll put in all your info there, shipping billing address, credit card number and choose your package you prefer.

There are ways to save up to 50%, and you can even get 3 free bottles.

You don't have to worry about any weird 
automatic shipments, or subscriptions or any of that stuff. 

I'm not going to do any of that. 

I hate that. 

I've had that happen to me and I despise it.

 I will never sign you up for an autoshipment you don’t want…

You have that promise. Okay?

And you have my promise that if you don't like our CBD, 
you can have your money back anytime... 

It’s my CBD Lifetime Guarantee. 

Look, I wish I could guarantee that 100% of my clients are going to be 100% satisfied with our CBD, but it just doesn't work that way.

 We found that it works for about 87% of our clients. 

You might be in that small minority, but you've got to take the leap to find out. 

And if it doesn’t work you get your money back anyway, its that simple.

After you click the checkout button on the next page... 

you’re order will begin processing right away on our end and you can expect your package to arrive within about a week.  

I mail through priority USPS. 

 I’ll send you an invoice so you can double check your order and you can make any changes before it ships. 

My customer service Queen Barbara is available by phone or email to answer your questions too.

Plus there’s a surprise bonus that can help you deal with anxiety when you don’t have your CBD... 

With this simple tool you can relieve stress and anxiety in ANY situation in minutes...

Even if you don't have your CBD on you.

That’s on the checkout page for more information.

When you get your package in the mail...

I want you to try it right away. 

The oil has a light, mint flavor.

Take about 2-3 droppers full to start.

You should feel something within about a minute.

For most people, it starts with a slowing of the breath and heart rate.

You’ll probably feel like taking a big deep breath.

You’re queasy stomach will probably fade away.

You’ll probably start to notice your mind stops buzzing, flitting from thought to thought.
You’ll notice a calmer, more relaxed mind that you’ll be able to focus on one thing.

Fear, doubt, and anticipation will slowly fade away...

Then you’ll probably notice the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and face...

...where we hold so much tension – start to relax. 

And you’ll feel like doing something productive...

Maybe clean up the house or attack that project you’ve been putting off.

And before you know it, hours may have passed as you just happily worked away.

That is the flow state I mentioned earlier...

...and you’ll soon realize just how powerful it is for accomplishing your ultimate goals.

And you’ll probably notice it helps you sleep...

You should get deep, restful sleep, the kind where you wake up in the same position you fell asleep in.  

And when you’re rested...

Don't you think you’ll be able to deal with the stresses of every day life better? 

Of course you will.

So now is the time to take action...

You've got to decide of you're going to try something new or else, let's face it...

You might die feeling like this. 

It's only going to get worse, right? 

We know now that anxiety really just gets worse as we get older. 

Life was supposed to get easier as you got older, right? 

And we just haven't found that to be the case, have we?

Look there’s this whole world out here, 
and it’s amazing...  

But it’s missing something.  

Do you know what that is? 

It’s you. 

You have a gift, a talent, a personality that the world needs to see. 
And your friends and family need to see it.  

They miss you! 

But they want the happy, relaxed version of you, right?  

So let’s make that happen.

So next step, click the button below.

Thanks - Dr. Ralph La Guardia, MD 
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1 Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Series
2 Cannabidiol Reduces the Anxiety Induced by Simulated Public Speaking in Treatment-Naïve Social Phobia Patients 
3 The nonpsychoactive Cannabis constituent cannabidiol is a wake-inducing agent.


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