This 3 Second Solution Can Restore Your Focus AND Memory Overnight

This is how you can gain 15 IQ points practically overnight 
Hi my name is Kriss Berg.

I am a certified nutritionist and health researcher.

And I’m happy to say that today I have my mind back.

You see not so long ago I thought I was losing it - literally.
Just a few months ago I thought I might be experiencing the early signs of dementia.

Which is terrifying by itself, but especially because I am only 47 years old.

But I was really struggling.

Thank goodness I found the answer that I’m about to show you.

The cause was something that you’ll never see coming.

It had nothing to do with dementia, disease, genetics, or nutrition.

In fact it's something we all do - but we take it for granted.

We do it every night- if we’re lucky!
But even if we feel like you’re doing it well, you’re probably not. At all.

And I’ll prove it to you with the help of my doctor friend from Harvard.

There’s a 5-second test to see if you’re suffering from the same problem I had.

You can take it in just a moment.
And the solution is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not doing it earlier.

It’s painless, and will open a whole new world to you.

You can literally raise your IQ by as much as 15 points in a few days.

You will have control over your mind again.

Your memory will improve drastically.

You’ll be able to focus.
No more senior moments, forgetting your keys…

Or forgetting why you walked into a room…

Or completely losing your train of thought in the middle of a sentence.

No more “CRS” as my dad likes to call it.

Do it before bed and I promise you’ll feel smarter the next day.
Your friends and family will notice.

You’ll be ‘sharp as a tack’ again.

You might even be ready to go on Jeopardy!

I discovered it thanks to a close friend who went to Harvard Medical School.

But let me start at the beginning.

Back when I was sure…

I was losing my mind

It started with forgetting dentist and chiropractor appointments.

Annoying - but not really worrisome.

Then I forgot to pick up my kids from school - twice!

I can’t tell you how humiliating it is getting a call from the school principal…
With that judgy tone, “Did you forget something???”

The look on my kids’ faces was even worse.

Then I started mixing up their names.

I used to do it occasionally, now I was doing it all the time.

I was even calling them by our dogs’ names.

There were moments when I just could not get the name to come out!

It was like my brain was stuck.

Then I started missing really important meetings at work.
I pride myself on being a super organized person.

This was beyond frustrating.

Worse, I was making a lot of people angry.

They thought I didn't care about the meetings.

That I was disrespecting their time.
I just chalked it up to being busy, like everyone else.

There was nothing really ‘wrong’, right?

But after it happened for the 4th or 5th time within a few weeks, 

…people started to worry 
about me.

…people started to worry about me.

If I’m being honest - so did I.

Then there was the moodiness.

My kids would set me off with little things they did.

I would snap at my wife for nothing.

I yelled at my business partner for the first time in 15 years.
I was cursing at other drivers on the road.

And then other times I felt like a complete zombie.

I had this brain fog.

I couldn’t focus, couldn’t concentrate.

It was like my skull was stuffed with cotton.
Then I started to notice the concern in people’s eyes.

Worse yet, I could see pity in their eyes.

They started talking to me like I was 80 years old.

Reminding me constantly of appointments, meetings, dates.
I felt like a child.

But in life we tend to adapt, and fool ourselves into thinking everything will be fine…

“Just give it time” I thought, “it will go away on it’s own.”

But then I made an unforgivable mistake…

This wasn’t just a little ‘brainfart’.

I forgot something that no one should ever forget.

That's when the ugly truth slapped me in the face.

I remember it like it was yesterday.
I was brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed.

But I was really worried.

My wife had been mean and distant all day.

She was making snide comments and just was not herself at all.

Snapping at me and the kids - very unlike her.

Had I done something wrong??

What did I do?!

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was March 14th.

My stomach sank to my feet.

I broke out in a cold sweat.

I got lightheaded.

And I had to steady myself on the bathroom sink. 
I had completely forgotten my wife’s birthday.

I couldn't believe it.

I had never done something so stupid.

In years past I had made a huge deal out of her birthday…

…flowers, gifts, dinner, even weekend trips.

The year before for a milestone birthday we had gone on a trip to Mexico.

But this year I completely forgot the entire thing.

No dinner, no cake, no gifts. NOTHING.
The worst part is that the kids didn't even know.

It's not their job to remember, so they had never said anything to her either.

She went the whole day hoping there was a surprise, something, anything coming…

…and it never happened.

I walked into the bedroom.

She was sitting on the bed with her back to me.

I could tell she was crying, sniffling quietly.

I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder.

Tears in my eyes, I said… 
“I can't believe it, babe. I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday. I feel like such a piece of _____.”

And then…silence.

I expected her to lash out.

To yell at me - to throw my hand off of her shoulder - to scream at me!!


Who could have blamed her if she had?!

I deserved it.

But she didn't do that.

Instead she looked at me, tears streaming down her face, put my hand in hers and said:

“You are not okay.”

“You have got to figure what is going on. This is not who you are. The Kriss that I know never would have forgotten today. And I'm terrified that you're sick and that whatever you have is never going to get better.”

That’s when it REALLY hit me.

I was so weak I had to collapse onto the bed.

She was right. My god, she was so right.

I was losing my mind.

Fear hit my like dump truck.

What if I was sick?

What if I was getting early onset dementia?

What if it was… the ‘A’ word?
I couldn’t sleep a wink that night.

I kept thinking I would end up a walking vegetable, lost in the world… with no memory…

Treating my family like strangers, asking who my own kids were…

Wandering the neighborhood like a zombie.

A complete burden to my friends and family.

The next day I made a
doctor's appointment.  

I went to see my family doctor.

He referred me to a specialist.

And that specialist referred me to another specialist. 
You know the drill.

They did brain scans galore.

CT, MRI, PET, you name it.

It cost me thousands and thousands of dollars.

They found nothing wrong.

I was fine - according to them.
They literally could not find a single thing wrong with me.

Which if you've ever been in my shoes you know can be more frustrating.

It would actually be much better to have a diagnosis that you can treat.

To actually know what you're facing.

The unknown is MUCH scarier than the known.

So they suggested I take 
some ‘brain drugs’

So they suggested I take some ‘brain drugs’

They were prescription pills that were actually a fancy version of methamphetamine.

Not kidding.

They made me so wired and jumpy I couldn’t sleep.

I felt like a drug-addict I was so strung out after taking them. 

Then I tried some “nootropics”.

(That’s a fancy word for ‘natural brain boosters’)
I tried a little bit of everything.

I even tried drinking more coffee throughout the day.

All of those things made my problems worse.

They didn’t improve my memory or my focus.

They made me jittery and nervous.

They gave me anxiety.

If anything they made me worse.

They certainly didn't improve my memory.

That's when a chance encounter with an old friend changed everything.

I was talking to my friend Dr Gregory Smith.

He and I have worked together on many health formulas over the years.

He's a brilliant man and got his masters from Harvard.

Ironically, we were talking about the fact that I had missed our monthly meeting.
He was concerned because I had been missing many of our meetings.

I explained to him what had happened with my wife and just how I was feeling this intense brain fog lately.

He noted it was very common.

In fact he was seeing spike in cases in his clinic too.

He called it an epidemic.

He asked me about my diet, exercise, all the normal stuff.

Then he asked me a random question that changed everything.

He said…

How’s your Sleep?  

I brushed it off.

I thought it was fine.

I thought getting 5-7 hours a night was plenty.

Sure sometimes I only got 4 hours, but it was fine.

I didn’t think I needed 8 hours.

I thought it made me tough.

Made me more productive.

Made me this superhero. 
There was part of me that wanted to sleep more but I was convinced that my body would just never allow it.

If I went to bed early I woke up at 3:00 a.m.

If I went to bed late I could never sleep past 5 am. 
And I would wake up throughout the night.

I would wake up to go to the bathroom and then stare at the ceiling for at least an hour before going back to sleep.

But I convinced myself that “Hey I'm just one of those people that doesn't need a lot of sleep.”

I wore it like a badge of honor.
But Dr Greg told me it concerned him.

There was no reason a healthy adult at any age should be having brain fog, moodiness, and lack of focus…

Unless they’re not sleeping well.

So he started sending me some research that opened my eyes.

First off - he told me that more than two thirds of adults in the US don’t get enough sleep. 1
65% of Adults in the US get 7 hours or less.
And the problem is getting worse every year.

When they first started collecting the statistics it was only 36%!

The sleep science says we need at least 8 hours.

So most people are missing at least an hour of sleep every night.

No big deal right?


Let me show you why…

We need at least 
8 hours of Sleep

We need at least 8 hours of Sleep

See, your body goes through 4 phases of sleep.
N1 is when you’re falling asleep, it lasts just a few minutes.
N2 is light sleep, when your breathing deepens. Your heart beat slows, and begin to enter the deeper phases

NREM: is non-rapid-eye-movement sleep, and is the deepest cycle.

This is where your body gets the most benefit.

Cells are repaired, removed and regenerated.

REM: is rapid eye movement sleep.

This is the most important part for your brain and memory.

Your brain activity actually increases.

REM sleep happens late in the sleep cycle, in the early morning hours.

So if you’re waking up too early, you’re missing out on this critical REM sleep.

If you’re only getting 7 hours of sleep or less, it would be easy to think we’re only missing 1/8 of our sleep time.

But its much worse than that.

If you miss one hour of REM sleep, which is generally what you’re getting very early in the morning… 2

You might be missing 60-90% of the sleep that your brain actually NEEDS.

And studies back this up.
One study showed that for every hour of sleep you miss, your IQ would go down by one point.3
That means after just a week you might be 15 IQ points dumber than you were the week before.

I was a perfect example of that!

I mean how dumb do you have to be to forget your wife’s birthday??
Another study of high school students found that the A and B students were getting 40 minutes more sleep than the D and F students. 
The students were getting that critical REM sleep early in the morning!

It’s clear: if you want to be smart you have to get enough sleep!

Then he showed me some shocking data on sleep and memory

Of course intelligence and memory are linked together.

And it turns REM sleep is critical to the memory process.

See, during REM sleep all your memories become solidified in your mind.

Your brain uses sleep to actually catalog and store memories. 4
Think of a library that gets all these books (memories) piled up at the front desk during the day.

The night shift (REM sleep) goes through them, catalogs them and stores them for fast recall.

If you don't have them stored properly - you’ll never find them when you need them!
Your brain will be too cluttered to recall anything, right?

And the library - your brain - gets cleaned during this ‘night shift’ too.

Dead cells, toxins and more get cleaned out of your brain during REM sleep.
In fact I was right to be worried about the “A” word.

There is a significant association between poor sleep and that terrible sickness that scared me so badly. 5

That’s because it’s thought that the plaque that causes it is cleaned out during REM sleep.

Less REM sleep, less clean out. 
The chemicals build up and… you can guess what happens over the long term.

That makes for one dirty, disorganized library.

In fact sleep is super critical for long term memory too.
People scored at least 16% higher on long term memory tests in one study.6
No wonder my memory was failing.

Then he sent me… 

Shocking proof that I was getting fat - because of my poor sleep.

He sent me a startling study on sleep and impulse control.

See I had gained almost 20 pounds over the last few months.

I didn't seem to be able to control myself around food.

I was just hungry all the time.

I was constantly seeking sugary, salty snacks. 
This study showed that a lack of sleep limited the body's ability to extract glucose from the bloodstream. 7
Glucose is the main fuel for your brain.

So lack of sleep meant I couldn’t feed my brain.

That means that my brain was literally starving!
My body would try to make up for it by eating more sugars.

In fact, doctors have found that poor sleep, even just for a week, disrupts blood sugar levels so much that you would be classified as a pre-diabetic. 8

And that’s just after one week of poor sleep!

And it should come as no surprise after reading all this that… 9

Short Sleep = Short Life?

Ivy League doctors recently showed that how quickly or slowly you age depends greatly on your telomeres.

These are the little caps at the end of each of your chromosomes.

Each time your cells divide, telomeres get a little shorter — and your cells get closer to the end of their life.

Short telomeres lead to aging skin cells.

And that means more fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and drying skin.

Everything starts to sag.
Ivy League doctors measured the telomere length in 4,117 women.

Compared with women who got the most sleep, those who slept just six hours or less per night had a 12% shorter telomere length.

That change is equivalent to nine years of biological aging! 10

Yes, studies show a good night’s sleep helps keep your telomeres longer.
It’s true: lack of sleep is probably aging you faster than any disease ever could. 
The reality is that sleep is the answer for just about everything.

Here’s a 5 second test to tell whether you get enough sleep…

The test is simply:
If you answered no to any of these questions - then you can probably conclude that you are not getting enough sleep.
Well rested people who are getting proper sleep don’t need tons of coffee, naps, or ‘pick-me-ups’

I bet you’ve heard that older folks need less sleep.

That is true in some cases, but…

…if you answered yes to any of the questions above - sorry - but you’re not getting enough sleep.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Like Dr. Smith said, it’s an epidemic.

Fact : We ALL need to 
sleep better… but how?

Fact : we ALL need to sleep better… but how?

So now I was convinced I needed better sleep.

But here’s the thing about sleep.

As soon as you know how badly you need it…

It makes sleeping even harder!

I fell into a vicious cycle of worrying about sleep, which kept me awake at night.

I was a mess. 
It’s not like I hadn’t tried to sleep better!

Tried for years…

I tried everything under the sun.

I was even addicted to Ambien at one point.

I couldn't sleep without it.

The only thing that got me to stop using it was that I discovered that it might be giving me cancer.

Yes, there's an association between the drug in Ambien and cancer. 12,13
And there's a study publishing the Journal of psychopharmacology that shows that drugs like Ambien don't give you the right kind of sleep. 
Remember when I said that your memories are locked in during REM sleep?

Well, when you take Ambien or drugs like it you get far less REM sleep.

That's why you don't really feel that refreshed when you're taking these meds.

That's probably why there's so many horrible side effects too.

There are terrifying stories of people sleepwalking and even sleep-driving on these drugs.  

Many sleep aids are extremely dangerous.

Then I used to take Advil PM all the time too - especially when I traveled.

You might not know this, but Advil PM is just Advil with benadryl - the allergy medication.

That’s all Unisom is too - and just about every other sleep aid you find at the grocery store.

No big deal right?

According to Harvard Health, long term benadryl usage has been associated with dementia. 14
So, let me get this straight…

Lack of sleep can lead to terrible diseases.

And the sleep drugs can lead to terrible diseases too??

We can’t win!

How about a natural sleep aid?

That’s when I discovered…

Most natural sleep aids aren't much better.

Take the most popular supplement - melatonin.

Melatonin works - for a little while.

But it can also make Restless Leg Syndrome worse.15
Take the most popular supplement - melatonin.

Melatonin works - for a little while.

But it can also make Restless Leg Syndrome worse.
And the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has warned that long term use of melatonin has can increase risk of dizziness and falls.
Melatonin is something your body makes, so if you replace it your body will simply stop making it.

Then you MUST take melatonin every night.

You become addicted. 16

Also melatonin only helps you fall asleep.

It doesn't help you stay asleep.
If you're going to use a natural sleep aid you need something that both helps you fall and stay asleep.

I’m sure you’ve tried gummies, pills, sprays, meditation, everything.

I had too.

If ANY of that stuff worked 80 million people wouldn’t have trouble sleeping every night!

So what can we do?

This is when Dr. Smith 
introduced me to GABA

This is when Dr. Smith introduced me to GABA

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an important neurotransmitter in the body.

It helps to regulate your body by slowing down the activity of neurons - those are signals passed through your nerves.

It also has a calming effect on the body, helping to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

GABA is mostly found in the brain, but it can also calm the rest of your body.
If you feel jumpy and tingly in your legs at night, you can calm the body with GABA.
It works by binding to receptors on nerve cells, which then causes the cells to be less likely to fire.

GABA can be thought of like a dimmer switch.

Just like a dimmer switch helps to control the brightness of a light, GABA helps to control the activity of neurons in the brain and body.

The more GABA you have, the dimmer the “lights” in your brain and nerve endings.
So, let’s just take some GABA, right?


Remember when I said that if you take melatonin our body will stop making it and you’ll become dependent on melatonin supplements?
The same thing would happen with GABA.

The best way to do it is to boost your body's ability to make GABA on its own.

This has the added advantage of making ‘bioidentical GABA’ since it comes from your body not from a pill.

So how do we boost GABA production naturally?

Luckily Dr. Smith had a trick up his sleeve…

He introduced to me a “magic” mushroom.

No not THAT kind of magic mushroom.

This one is perfectly legal.

You’ve probably noticed mushrooms are red-hot in the supplement world right now.

And for good reason.

There are 14,000 species of mushrooms - that we know about.

And we’re discovering more all the time.
He introduced me to a “magic” mushroom.

No not THAT kind of magic mushroom.

This one is perfectly legal.

You’ve probably noticed mushrooms are red-hot in the supplement world right now.

And for good reason.

There are 14,000 species of mushrooms - that we know about.

And we’re discovering more all the time.
Many of them are truly magic because mushrooms have an incredible ability to pull nutrients out of the earth and alter them chemically…

So they can do all kinds of amazing things for us.

And one in particular has proven to be near-miraculous for sleep.

Turns out it works like magic on your GABA levels.

It’s so good that it can DOUBLE your GABA levels. 17
In fact, a study published in the Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology showed that this super rare mushroom had a profound effect on brain waves.
It was so powerful it increased the exact kind of brain waves we see during REM sleep.

That’s the sleep you need for better memory.
And best of all, this mushroom can help those folks that thought getting good sleep was hopeless.

In one study this mellowing mushroom was tested on 316 insomniacs. 18

And then they did a whole slew of tests after just two weeks with this amazing mushroom.

The results were stunning.

13% of them were considered fully recovered.

Meaning they no longer had trouble sleeping at all.

And 73% were either ‘improved’ or ‘much improved’.

And they did tests on anxiety, dementia, and fatigue.

This incredible mushroom had improved almost everyone’s scores.

It literally chilled them out.

Stopped their racing minds.

Relaxed their bodies.

And the results kept getting better as the study went on.

In the end, 90% of patients said their sleep quality was improved, much more improved, or symptom free.

This amazing mushroom changed these people’s minds.

Many subjects compared it to a tranquilizer…

But also said they woke up refreshed…

Without grogginess like other sleep aids.

Imagine what that would be like.

To simply drift off to sleep…

And wake up about 8 hours later…
Without tossing, turning, restlessness, and worry.

And then hop out of bed ready to take on the day!

It would like a fog had been lifted.

It would feel like someone had turned your memory bank back on!

You would have more energy for work, exercise, and family time.

That’s exactly how I felt after trying this incredible mushroom for just one week.

I was, no exaggeration, a new man

Getting a full night’s sleep and waking up refreshed was a complete game-changer.

I couldn’t believe how long I had lived on too little sleep.

My work was better.

My family life was better.

I was remembering everyone’s names, even strangers I had just met!
I wasn’t missing important dates…

In fact, I was reminding other people about their appointments!

I could do complicated math in my head without missing a beat.

I felt like I was 30 IQ points smarter.

The brain fog simply disappeared like fog on a sunny day.
I was remembering strange moments from my childhood and when my kids were younger.

I can’t tell you how many memories popped back up into my head…

It was like flipping through an old picture album - in my mind.

There is a special kind of joy you get when you remember these precious moments.
And it was happening all the time.

My family noticed the change in me immediately.

It was like the sleep you get on a sleeping pill…

Without waking up feeling groggy and slow.

I found I wasn’t even waking up to go to the bathroom at night anymore, that’s how soundly I was sleeping.
No more yawning through the morning, downing cup after cup of coffee.

In fact I gave up coffee entirely.

I realized I didn’t really even like it.

I only drank it to wake myself up.

But when you get a full night’s rest with no interruptions…
No staring at the ceiling.

No peeking at the clock.

No bathroom breaks every 2 hours.

You feel dynamite in the morning.

You need a few moments to wipe the sleep out of your eyes…

And then you are fired up for the day.

This weird mushroom had literally changed my life.

So I just had to know…

What is this stuff??

Turns out the mushroom is called xylaria nigripes.

Let’s call it XN for short.

It has a long history of medicinal use in South American and Chinese medicine.
But recently scientists have been experimenting with it for sleep…

And specifically with memory. 19

Remember, REM sleep is essentially for a healthy memory.

And this incredible mushroom is so powerful for our brains,

It can not only boost REM sleep
It can REPLACE REM sleep.

Recently researchers set up a clever experiment.

They set up a maze.

The subjects had to memorize the route to the finish - so they were allowed to practice.

Then they split them into three groups.  
One was allowed to sleep normally.

The second was awakened right as they started REM sleep.

The third was awakened right as they started REM sleep, but…

They were also given a healthy dose of the mushroom XN.
The results for the group that got no REM sleep performed just like you’d think.

They forgot their way through the maze and took much longer to complete it than the first group.

But the third group’s results blew the scientists away.

The people in the third group, who were getting NO REM sleep but this mushroom instead, performed nearly identically to the people in the group that was getting a full night’s rest!

This means that xylaria nigripes was so good for their brains, that subjects could get less sleep and still perform,

Memories were being cataloged for storage - but without REM sleep.


This mushroom had changed how their brains worked.

Another study published in the Shanghai Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 20 showed massive improvement in sleep scores.

Using Pittsburgh Sleep Qualilty Scale and the Sleep Disorder Scale, the researchers found…

That XN could improve the Pittsburgh score by 44% and the Disorder score by 33% in just a couple of weeks!
In fact it was so effective it outscored a common prescription sedative by 30%!

And patients were still getting great sleep 2 weeks after they stopped taking it.

So it wasn’t habit-forming!

So, how does it work?

XN is so powerful for our sleep because it’s actually dual action.

Remember GABA is your body’s relax signal.

In one study it doubled GABA production in one study. 21

AND according to another study, it stimulates the GABA receptors, which allow them to bind to more GABA. 22

So, it’s a 2 for 1.

You produce more GABA and your body reacts to more of the GABA you produce.

Besides sleep, boosting GABA has some really nice side benefits too.
And since we’re simply boosting your body’s ability to produce GABA…

You don’t have to worry that your body will stop making it…

And make you dependent upon it.

I forget to take my stuff now and then and it’s no big deal, I sleep fine.
XN also has the added benefit of lowering glutamate.

Glutamate is called an excitatory neurotransmitter.

That means it stimulates the brain and nervous system.

Lower glutamate, and you’ll be more relaxed.

The more relaxed you are at night, the better you’ll sleep, period.
The better you sleep, the sharper you’ll be.

It will be like someone cleaned out the cobwebs in your head.

But, scientists realized it’s not enough to just take this mushroom…
He introduced to me a “magic” mushroom.

No not THAT kind of magic mushroom.

This one is perfectly legal.

You’ve probably noticed mushrooms are red-hot in the supplement world right now.

And for good reason.

There are 14,000 species of mushrooms - that we know about.

And we’re discovering more all the time.

You need to activate it to boost absorption.

If you were to find this mushroom in the wild and eat some…

First off you’d be really lucky to find it at all.

It’s extremely rare and only occurs near the mounds of a very rare species of termite.

And it grows about 2 feet underground.
Oh, and it only occurs in rain forests around the equator!

But if by some miracle you did find it, and eat some…

You probably wouldn’t feel a thing.

See, XN and many other substances need to be paired with other substances for the body to actually absorb them.
That’s why we need to have it with Cuscuta chinensis (seed) Panax notoginseng (root) extract.

These natural plants boost absorption by the body and ensure that you’ll actually feel it working.

If you’ve ever taken turmeric, you probably noticed it comes with piperine.

If it didn’t, your turmeric was worthless.
It’s the same concept here, you have to combine natural nutrients like these to get the best effect.

That’s what this combination does… 

In fact, this combination is so unique and effective that it received a patent in 2021.

It’s extremely difficult for natural products to get patents.

The patent office won’t do it for 99.87% of products like this because they consider it a ”natural phenomenon”.

But this combination is different.

See, they do award patents for natural compounds that are combined to make an entirely new chemical form.

And that’s why this killer combo is called “zylaria”.

It’s patented and it has many scientific studies backing it up.

And now it’s ready for you to try for yourself.


Brain Boost

The good doctor and I put this together, first off for me, and then for the 3 types of bad sleepers out there.

Which one are you?
This formula works for all three.

Take a capsule about an hour before you want to go to sleep.

You’ll feel fine for the first 45 minutes, then you’ll start to yawn a bit.

Then slowly, your eyelids will get heavy and you’ll realize it’s time to turn out the light.
Within 5 minutes you will likely be asleep.

Deep, restful sleep like you haven’t had in ages.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ll sleep right through those late night pee breaks that used to wake you up so often.

No, won’t pee the bed, your body will just be in such a deep slumber that you won’t feel the urge.
Then, you’ll probably start to wake up about 7.5 to 8.5 hours after you went to sleep.

If your body needs it, you might just go back to sleep.
And if the phone rings or there’s an emergency, believe me you’ll still wake up.

I have two kids under the age of 9.

I have been woken up with everything from a vomiting 4-year-old to my son sleepwalking and peeing the kitchen pantry (true story!).

I had no problem popping up and seeing what the heck was going on.
But most mornings I open my eyes feeling like I am in the exact same position I fell asleep in.

I take a minute or two to rub the sleep from my eyes, and then bounce out of bed.

I go straight to work in fact.

No coffee no nothing, I am ready to go.
Now that i am rested, it's the best part of the day for me.

But Dr Greg and I wanted a formula that could not fail. 

So we also included one 
more powerful sleep and 
memory ingredient…

So we also included one more powerful sleep and memory ingredient…

We wanted to make sure this was the last sleep and brain formula you’ll ever need.

To do that we wanted to make sure you were getting a powerful ingredient that was PROVEN to help…

And we wanted to make sure you would STAY asleep.

After all we know how bad those late night and early morning wake-ups are for your memory and brain function, right?
So put in 20mg of full spectrum hemp extract.

Yes, hemp extract is a powerful sleep nutrient.

In one study hemp extract increased the length of sleep by 17% - just enough to improve REM sleep! 24

And another study showed the hemp extract had a profound effect on cortisol.

For some patients it lowered cortisol by 66%!25
Cortisol is our stress hormone, and stress is directly related to poor sleep.

When cortisol goes down, you can finally rest your mind and body, and sleep the whole night.
Plus hemp has been shown to help memory too.

It increases blood flow in the most important part of your brain for memory: the hippocampus. 26

They’ve even found that CBD can help how we process traumatic memories and sooth anxiety.

All that can lead to better sleep - and a healthy mind!

So, are you ready to renew your mind with the power of restorative sleep?

Are you ready to sleep like a rock?

Are you ready to feel like you’re the smartest person in the room again?

Look, those other prescription drugs are probably doing more harm than good.

And melatonin won’t help you stay asleep and will just get you addicted to melatonin!
Let me ask you this: how much is a full night of mind-restoring sleep worth to you?

What would it be worth to you to recover lost memories?

To not have embarrassing ‘senior moments’ anymore?

Or to get back that ‘mind like a steel trap’ that you had when you were young?
We’ve had people who use their brain for work that say it’s much, much more.

Like $10,000 or more a month!

Most people tell us its worth at least $200 a month to have a fully functional brain.

Ambien can cost as much as $175 per month!

Don’t worry we’re not going to charge anything close to that.

Let me just remind you that the XN mushroom is extremely rare.

It’s almost impossible to find in the wild and…

Every attempt to farm it fails miserably.

We work with suppliers who literally have mushroom scouts out in the jungles looking for it.

No kidding, it’s a tough business.

But we want to make sure you have an affordable, reliable product that you can trust.
Our lab facility is certified by the FDA, the USF, and dozens of other organizations that ensure safe production of your new favorite sleep and brain supplement.

They test the product when they get it from the suppliers, then they test it again to make sure these powerful ingredients are in there according to the label.
We reject over 30% of the ingredients we get for quality issues.

Many manufacturers cannot say that.

Many don’t test their products for content and quality at all!

Every single batch of Zylerian goes through rigorous testing before its carefully packaged and shipped you.

Dr. Greg and I are on a personal mission to fix America’s sleep and memory problems.

We care about you and we use our own products!

So we’re not going to charge $200/month.

We’re not looking to get rich.

Our only goal is to provide a high-quality, EFFECTIVE product that you can trust…

And if we can make a little income from that, great.

So for a limited time, you can try Zylarian RISK-FREE for as little as…


That’s just a dollar a day for the best sleep you’ve ever had…

And to get back your amazing brain that you’ve been missing.

$1 a day is nothing if you can learn faster, be smarter and remember more!
So click below to get started.
He introduced to me a “magic” mushroom.

No not THAT kind of magic mushroom.

This one is perfectly legal.

You’ve probably noticed mushrooms are red-hot in the supplement world right now.

And for good reason.

There are 14,000 species of mushrooms - that we know about.

And we’re discovering more all the time.

This is only available right here.

We are not selling it in stores.

Retail stores mark up products by as much as 150%!

We want an affordable product to help millions - so we’re selling direct to you.

You’re getting in on the ground floor. This will be everywhere in a few years.
Remember it’s non habit forming and you can stop at any time and you’ll probably still feel the effects for weeks.

Plus, we remove all risk from you, forever.
That’s right, my company Prosper has the ONLY lifetime guarantee in the health industry.

I challenge you to find anyone who will say this:

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYONE with a problem with ANY of our products gets their money back.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through, no return authorizations.
That’s right, my company Prosper has the ONLY lifetime guarantee in the health industry.

I challenge you to find anyone who will say this:

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYONE with a problem with ANY of our products gets their money back.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through, no return authorizations.
No time limit.

Email us with your concerns and you get money back BOOM that day.
No time limit.

Email us with your concerns and you get money back BOOM that day.

My only recommendation 
is to load up…

My only recommendation is to load up…

Because of the rare nature of the mushroom…

The continuing issues in global supply chain…

And because Big Pharma sells $5B of Ambien every years, and just LOVES taking down competitors like us…

And heck because “sh_ happens”...

Our smart customers buy more.
They know they can get all their money back anyway.

Plus they want to make sure you they have enough for travel and holidays.

Travel is usually when we sleep the worst…

Wouldn’t be nice to wake up in a hotel room and be completely refreshed?

You can now, with Zylarin Brain Boost.

Plus customers who buy more will get an exclusive bonus:

“The Best Sleep You've Ever Had

This book compiles all the research I did in my quest for good sleep and a healthy brain.

I’ll show you how:
This book alone is worth $45, but new customers who buy more will get it free.
He introduced to me a “magic” mushroom.

No not THAT kind of magic mushroom.

This one is perfectly legal.

You’ve probably noticed mushrooms are red-hot in the supplement world right now.

And for good reason.

There are 14,000 species of mushrooms - that we know about.

And we’re discovering more all the time.

There are two types of people in this world…

One type is fine with the status quo.

They think things are just fine the way they are…

And that there’s no need to try make things better.

Then there’s the second type.

These folks are open-minded, and believe that things CAN get better.

But they also know you have to do something different to expect different results.

Which one are you?
You can go one pretending like your mind is fine…

And that your sleep is fine…

Living every day with brain fog.

Or you can end up shuffling around the world, lost, not knowing who you are or who your family is.
I made the choice to improve myself and my brain,

And I hope you will too.

Thank you

Kriss Berg & Dr. Greg Smith
PS: One big benefit of getting great sleep: travel.

I used to love to travel when I was younger.

But as I got older, and my sleep got worse and worse, I hated it.

I could never sleep in hotel beds.

I would get almost no sleep, making me groggy and grouchy the whole time.

I was no fun to travel with.

Now I LOVE to travel.

I know I’ll get to sleep anywhere, in almost any sleeping conditions.

It’s so freeing knowing I can go where I want and feel great.

How is poor sleep holding you back?

PPS: When you get your Zylarian, try it for a week or two before you decide.

Remember we have a lifetime guarantee, so there’s no rush.

But it will take some time for the active ingredients to flush your body of the tension that is ruining your sleep.

And it will take time before your mind heals and flushes out all that stuff that is giving your brain fog. 

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